Top 6 Tips for Staying Warm and Saving Money with Power Compare
May 15, 2024

We have rounded up our top 6 tips for staying warm this winter and saving money on your power bill!

This winter is already turning into a bitterly cold one. Many of us are likely already waking up with frosted windows and cars, and the dread of getting out of bed and into the cold. Electricity bills in the winter are notorious for rising, as we all run our heatpumps and use the dryer more than the washing line outside. 

Here are our top 6 tips for keeping warm this winter and saving money. 

1. Check your Power Plan

You may as well be getting the best deal possible for your power bill, especially given that all electricity retailers use the same electricity. Power Compare makes it easy to compare your power plans side by side and find a better deal for your household so that you don’t spend more money on it than you need to. It’s a powerful and easy way to save money and make a true difference to your budget. Stay warm, and save money

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2. Get an Energy Efficient Heat Pump

That old heater that your grandma passed to you? Yeah, it is going to consume a lot of power to run! It may be time to invest in an energy efficient heat pump that uses the least amount of energy possible to warm your home. Yes, there may be the initial premium to purchase the new unit, such as a new washing machine, heat pump, or fridge with a high energy star rating, but it will save you money in the long run, and help avoid eye-watering power bills. 

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3. Reduce your Hot Water Use

Hot water use is another big contributing factor to hiked power bills. Keep your showers short, and consider pausing the shower when you shampoo and conditioner your hair. Run your washing machine on the cold water setting. A family doing four loads of laundry a week can save up to $50 just by using cold water for your washing. Dry your clothes outside on sunny days to avoid using the dryer, and to avoid using the indoor clothing racks, which will contribute to moisture in the home. A damp home is going to leave you feeling cold! 

4. Use an Electric Blanket

Electric blankets are a great way to keep yourself warm at night. There is nothing better than crawling into a warm bed on a cold winter night. Electric blankets are also considered more energy efficient than having the heater on at night because they only warm up your bed and not the room. A family of four can run their electric blankets every night for a month and only incur $12 of electricity charges. 

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5. Try Adding a Rug

A rug can be more than a fun, textured decor piece. Grab yourself a fluffy rug and place it on the hardwood floor or tiles. They can help trap heat and are a lot nicer to walk on than the cold floor!

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6. Grab Curtains that Touch the Floor

It’s important to close the curtains just before sunset so that you can trap as much of the sun’s warmth as possible. Install curtains that drape to the floor so that warm air can’t escape from beneath. It’s also a good idea to check the sealing of your windows and doors. Make sure they seal properly when closed so that cold air doesn’t sneak inside!

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