How to Prepare your Home for Winter with Power Compare
May 17, 2024

Prepare your home for the winter so you can stay warm without spending too much on your power bill!

Winter is coming! It’s time to batten down the hatches!

As the winter chill settles upon us, and time flies by, you may not have taken the time to consider preparing your home for the winter. Getting prepared, by making a few small changes around your house, can help you stay warm and avoid crazy power bill hikes. 

We have put together a list of our top tips for preparing the house for winter, so you can lock in the warmth, and unlock potential savings. 

1. Check your Home’s Insulation

If you own your home, you may want to check whether the insulation in your property’s walls and roof needs to be updated. For renters, you can talk to your landlord about updating your insulation if you think it doesn’t meet insulation standards. Having a properly insulated home will ensure heat doesn’t escape unnecessarily. 

2. Make Sure Doors and Windows Close Properly

Check the seals of the windows and doors. Make sure they seal completely so that cold air can’t sneak in when you shut them. If there are any gaps, you can fix these with clear sealant. This will help lock in that precious heat!

3. Ensure Appliances are Ready to Work their Best

It’s important to make sure your heat pumps and dehumidifiers are working properly so that they can heat your home, and remove moisture without using more energy than necessary. When filters are blocked, the unit will be forced to work harder to keep you warm, and therefore, you will consume more power and wind up with an unsightly power bill!

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4. Check your Smoke Alarms

You are likely going to be using your heating appliances or traditional fireplaces a lot this winter, which will increase the risk of house fires. Ensure there are plenty of smoke alarms around your home, ideally one should be in each room, and in hallways. 

5. Give your Garden some Love

If you have trees close to your house, trim back any overhanging branches from the gutters to make sure they don’t get blocked with leaves. You could also consider trimming away thick foliage to give your house access to more sunshine. Make sure there are no branches too close to power lines. You don’t want to have a tree get knocked into a power line during a storm and cut you off from power!

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6. Get the Right Bedding

It’s important that you are snuggly and warm at night. Having the right bedding can prevent you from needing to crank the heaters and save you money on your power bill. Grab some flannel sheets, a winter duvet or comforter suitable to your region's temperatures, and consider indulging in an electric blanket. Grab these items in advance, before it gets too cold, so you are ready for when the first cold snap hits! 

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7. Don’t Forget to Compare Your Power Bill!

Power Compare makes it easy to discover savings this winter. Jump onto our user-friendly platform, enter in your address and select your preferences, and compare the different power plans and providers together side-by-side. You never know – you might find a deal that better matches your household needs, or one for a cheaper price. Savings are possible this winter, with just a few simple steps. Power Compare makes comparison easy, quick, and hassle-free! It can take minutes – not hours!

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