It’s official, NZ Compare partners with Neighbourly!
Oct 12, 2021

Together we’ll be able to help more Neighbourhoods nationwide.

Who is Neighbourly?

Neighbourly is a New Zealand owned company founded by a team of individuals passionate about building stronger, safer and more vibrant communities.

Neighbourly's mission is to create an easy way for neighbours to talk and share online, creating more real world connections and ultimately growing stronger, safer and friendlier communities.

With over 900,000 Kiwi’s as members it’s a Neighbourhood platform worth learning more about.

Our partnership just makes sense!

NZ Compare help Kiwis compare what’s out there, discover new products and services, and save on utility bills, online shopping and financial services through our suite of comparison brands.

We look forward to working alongside Neighbourly, to help members in communities nationwide save time, money, and hassle, at the shops and on household services that will help us live better, more connected local lives. 


Not a Neighbourly member, go over and sign up.

Neighbourly allows you to stay connected with your neighbours and community using a private neighbourhood website. It's a free service that is designed to make your neighbourhood a safer and better place to live.

Members of Neighbourly use the website to interact on topics such as local events, after school activities, crime and safety, council issues, local services or even lost pets.

Neighbourly also offers a crime prevention service for members within its communities. Members are kept informed of any suspicious activity and can also inform each other instantly of any urgent crime or safety updates via SMS text message.

Once you have signed up as a member with Neighbourly you can do things like:

  • Plan a street party
  • Alert your community to a spate of vehicle break-ins
  • Share a photo of a visiting dog to locate owner
  • Discuss what impact Local Council plans will have on the neighbourhood
  • Recommend a trustworthy local mechanic
  • Ask when the roadworks down by the local park will be complete
  • Grab the contact details of a good local babysitter
  • Find out which cafe in the area has the best Eggs Benedict
  • Share sporting cancellations and updates
  • Sell an unused sofa
  • Let neighbours know mail has been stolen
  • Ask if anyone can loan a ladder for an hour
  • Organise a neighbourhood watch group
  • Ask for times of the walking school bus
  • Discuss local charities and how to get involved


Why should I shop around and compare my power provider and plan with NZ Compare?

Switching providers can save you money and reduce pressure to your household’s income. Our easy-to-use websites are just that, EASY! Our sites are safe to use, meaning you will be guided to the right choice for YOU. Save money on that pesky household bills now by just comparing what’s out there.





Need help finding a better plan or provider?

Let our team get you fully informed about the options available in your neighbourhood, but more importantly to your household and needs.  If you want to know more about what good providers and plans are available to you, then just give our friendly NZ Compare team a call on 0508 226 672.  Whether you’re living in Christchurch or Kaitaia, we are always available to help. 

It’s free and we’re not just talking hassle free! Our Customer Support Team are waiting, give them a call Monday–Friday 10am-7pm.