Stressed about the rising fuel prices? Don’t worry, there’s still ways to save!
Apr 6, 2022

We breakdown the ways to help you save money in these crazy expensive times!

Most Kiwis will have noticed just how expensive it is getting to fill up your car!

It’s been all over the news about the soaring prices in part due to the situation in Ukraine, the government’s decisions to help relieve these pressures and the discussion of biofuels. 

As we continue to face a cost of living crisis, it’s starting to feel very stressful to be a Kiwi just trying to get by and fill up their tank! 

We know how hard it is so we’ve put together some super simple and helpful ways for you to save money! Both at the pump and in other parts of your life! 

A quick recap on fuel prices

Firstly though, let’s give you a recap on what’s been happening. 

Most people will have seen the headlines about petrol prices continuing to go up and up! After the invasion of Ukraine, oil prices have skyrocketed meaning that the cost at the pump for Kiwis has risen dramatically! 

The price for a litre of petrol has gone over $3!! 

The Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern has described the situation we are facing as a "global energy crisis." 

There is an incredible amount of volatility with fuel prices constantly changing. Many Kiwis will have seen (or may have even been stuck in) the kilometre long queues of motorists trying to get petrol after a fuel company boss announced they would be raising their prices due to these global oil issues. 

For Aucklanders, the fuel prices continue to be an even bigger problem as there are no plans to reduce the regional fuel tax of 11.5 cents a litre! Auckland Mayor Phil Goff said that while he acknowledges this is a difficult time for Kiwis, he can’t reduce the regional fuel tax as it would severely impact Auckland Transport and raise costs for any infrastructure construction. 

So what’s the government doing about it? 

While there are no changes for the Auckland regional fuel tax, the New Zealand Government has recently reduced the fuel excise duties and road user charges by 25 cents a litre each. They’ve also halved the price of public transport. Both of these decisions will last for the next three months. 

While this was welcome news for many Kiwi motorists, worry set in again as the government continued to discuss their plans for biofuel mandates. 

The government announced back in December a mandate requiring fuel companies to reduce emissions by introducing more biofuels into their supply rather than just relying on fossil fuels. Ardern discussed how this will bring security and stability to a volatile market.

But many fear that this will result in the cost of fuel going up again by 5 or 10 cents a litre. It’s too early to say whether this will happen as the mandate won’t be implemented until next year. But it is a reminder that looking into the future, we’ll likely continue to see constant increases in fuel prices! 

Is all hope lost?! Can I save any money on fuel?? 

While the situation is super tough for many Kiwis at the moment, all hope is not lost! There is one way you can save on fuel!

That’s Gaspy! 

Gaspy is an app you can download which helps you find the cheapest fuel in your area. You can save hundreds of dollars on your petrol when you use the app! Plus, Gaspy is all about creating a ‘carmunity’ (community) - so you can join in with other Kiwis in locating and sharing the best places to get fuel from! 

As a comparison company ourselves, it’s awesome to see Gaspy providing a platform to help Kiwis save on their fuel. At a time like this, they couldn’t be more important!

So we highly recommend you check them out!!

Money is getting tight! How else can I save?? 

We know that even with all the savings you can get from Gaspy, life is becoming more expensive in general. Kiwis are feeling the burden of everyday items continuing to cost more and more. Whether it’s food or housing, it’s very costly to be a Kiwi nowadays!

We aren’t just facing a global energy crisis, we’re also facing a cost of living crisis! Inflation is at a 30 year high, Statistics NZ announced, and banks say it could increase!

Again, we know that’s stressful to hear but don’t worry we’ve got THE solution!

Use NZ Compare!

If you want to save heaps of money on your power, broadband and financial plans, you need to use our websites! 

At NZ Compare, you can compare all your important plans to see whether there’s a better deal out there for your needs. 

We’ve got heaps of plans that offer you joining discounts (giving you big savings), special bonuses and contracts that will suit peoples’ different lifestyles! 

Use NZ Compare to literally saving hundreds of dollars!! We’re not exaggerating! 

So even if the price of fuel continues to increase, we’ll help you save on all your other bills! 

Awesome, how do I use NZ Compare then?

Using NZ Compare’s services is as easy as pie! 

Simply jump onto our website, click Power, Broadband or Money Compare. Once you’re there, all you need to do is enter in some details, select filters to match your preferences and then you’ll see all the plans available to you. 

Better yet, you can view all the plans you’re interested in side-by-side on one page! How easy! 

Alternatively, if you’re not so tech savvy or would rather chat to another kind human, then give our friendly customer support team a free call on 0508 22 66 72! They’ll help you find a plan that’ll save you heaps! 

At the end of the day, it can feel overwhelming to be a Kiwi as we face fuel prices and the cost of living continuing to go up! 

Thankfully NZ Compare is here to help you save! 

So what are you waiting for?! Start comparing now!