Comparing mobile and broadband plans is essential so you get the best deal!
Oct 28, 2022

Big changes could be coming that will benefit you! 

Have you ever tried to compare your mobile or broadband plans? Did you find it was a difficult process? 

Well, the Commerce Commission wants to change that! 

The Commerce Commission has recently launched a consultation process on their proposals to make comparing mobile and broadband plans easier.

This is super important news as it could mean bigger savings and better plans for all Kiwi consumers! 

Kiwis are struggling to compare

One of the major reasons why customers are often dissatisfied or end up submitting complaints is because of how challenging it can be to compare plans and providers, says Tristan Gilbertson, Telecommunications Commissioner. 

Comparing plans and providers can be tricky with so many options and a lack of tools available to help you compare. 

“Competition between different technologies and providers is delivering more choice than ever before – but it’s not always easy to compare different plans and providers on a like-for-like basis,” says Gilbertson.

Kiwis need to be able to easily compare their plans and providers in order to make sure they’re getting the best deal for their needs. The Commerce Commission has recognised this need and are creating various proposals on how to address the issues Kiwis face when trying to compare. 

An aim to make comparing easier

One of the Commerce Commission’s recent initiatives is to improve the quality of retail services for the telecommunications industry. 

As part of this initiative, they are currently undertaking a consultation process on several proposals that aim to make comparing plans and providers easier for Kiwi consumers.

The Commerce Commission’s proposals look at making it easier to compare various aspects between mobile and broadband providers like price, contracts, and coverage. 

“We don’t want consumers signing up for one provider’s offer because it wasn’t easy for them to compare it with other offers that might have been better for them. For this reason, we’re proposing a more standardised approach to marketing information so consumers can make more confident choices about their connectivity,” says Gilbertson. 

What needs to change

The Commerce Commission’s proposals push for changes in the telco industry. They focus on creating more transparency on four different areas regarding mobile and broadband plans. 

Monthly costs

Making it easier for consumers to understand the monthly costs of their plans. For example, stating to customers that they will be charged 13 times a year (rather than 12), if they’re on a 28 day plan. 

Energy services bundled into broadband plans

What’s the pricing for gas and electricity if you bundle it into your broadband plan? Are these energy prices the same or higher than market prices? This can affect how much you actually save when bundling. 

Full costs of contracts 

A summary of ALL the costs in a contract need to be provided to consumers before they sign up to a plan.


It has to be clear what sort of coverage each mobile operator has in different areas of the country. There has to be easily comparable information for consumers so they can make the right decision based on where they live. 

Also, the Commerce Commission wants to see a new industry standard for contract summaries to allow consumers to compare with ease, and for operators to standardise the way they report customer numbers, so consumers can clearly understand the competition in the market.  

How this might impact you

If these proposals were to be implemented into the telco industry, this would have massive benefits to all Kiwi consumers! 

We’d be able to more easily compare mobile or broadband plans and providers. Plus, it would help allow us to make a better informed choice. This would save you heaps of money and get you the plan of your dreams! 

“We think these improvements to telecommunications marketing will enable consumers to make more meaningful comparisons and informed choices,” says Gilbertson. 

They add that, “We welcome feedback from everyone, including industry, consumer groups and consumers, so we can start putting the right solutions in place.” 

To have your say on the current proposals, click here

Comparing is what we believe in!

Here at NZ Compare, we’re all about letting Kiwi consumers make an informed choice. Thus, we support any initiative that pushes to make comparing easier! 

Kiwis have a right to be able to compare products and services in a way that is simple and convenient. So, we couldn’t be more excited to see the new proposals that the Commerce Commission is working on! 

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