Top 5 reasons why comparing is good for you!
Mar 9, 2022

Check out how comparing can get you the best plan, saving you money and time.

Kiwis love to stick with providers that they already know. “Easy as,” is one of our beloved slogans after all! However, Kiwis may just be missing out on saving money and finding the best deal for their needs by sticking with their old and faithful providers. 

What should we do?? Simple. All you have to do is compare.

What is comparing? 

Comparing is using a comparison website like the ones at NZ Compare to compare different providers. All you have to do is enter your details and use some filters to figure out what exactly you want and then you’ll be able to compare providers side-by-side. 

Whether it’s broadband, power or financial needs, NZ Compare has got you covered. Through our services, Broadband ComparePower Compare and Money Compare, you can compare all the important bills in your household. 

Want to change your broadband or energy plan? Easy! Jump on Broadband Compare or  Power Compare, type in your specific needs and you’ll see all the different providers you can choose from. 

Want to change your KiwiSaver or Home Loan for instance? Simple! Just head on over to Money Compare to bring up all the different options available to you. 

Now you can compare what’s best for you. But why’s it important? Well, let us give you the top 5 reasons why! 


Comparing can save you heaps of money! 

You may find after comparing the different options available to you, that there is a deal out there which will save you your hard earned cash. 

Broadband or power plans may offer you free months of service or include free additions (such as streaming service subscriptions or free hours of power), which your current provider doesn’t offer. 

Many of the plans we list offer you hundreds of dollars worth of savings! 

In recent years, saving money wherever possible has become super important to all of us. By simply spending a few minutes comparing your options, might just mean you can afford that much needed vacation!

2). Discover NEW providers and services.

Did you know that there are over 100 broadband providers to choose from? Or did you happen to also know there are hundreds of power plans available to check out? Or how about the huge variety of plans for KiwiSaver, Insurance or Mortgage Rates? 

There are so many providers and services that are available to you, that you might not even be aware of. Gone are the days where it’s just a handful of companies that you are forced to choose from to access broadband, power or financial services. Now you have a huge variety of providers to choose from.

Newer companies know they have to work harder to gain your trust but you might discover a new provider that offers you better service and offers than you ever thought possible!

Companies face an increasingly competitive market, so they acknowledge it’s no longer a one-size-fits-all approach to providing services to consumers like you and me. Nowadays, businesses try to attract new customers by creating personalised plans and deals. Therefore, by simply comparing different providers using our websites, you may find a new company that truly caters to your niche!

3). Find the right deal that meets exactly your needs!

Want to find the provider who best suits your needs? Easy, just compare using NZ Compare!

Do you ever feel like your provider is giving you all the wrong things? Maybe you don’t want extras like streaming services, maybe their contracts are all wrong for you or maybe your budget isn't being met. Whatever the case, if you spend a small amount of time comparing, you may find a new provider that offers you everything you have ever dreamed of! 

NZ Compare makes it easy by bringing up all the different options available to you in one place. When you go through and compare, you’ll see all the different offers, deals and services from each provider.

Comparing each provider will allow you to realise that some will have deals that you love and others that might not quite suit your needs. 

All Kiwis have different needs so it’s important to compare to see what’s the best option for you. No matter where you live across the motu, there will be a fantastic offer for you. All you have to do is compare and that's where our websites make it easy!

4). Your time is precious, so let’s save it! 

Us Kiwis live busy lives! Between work, study,  looking after the kids or pets and doing the chores, we’re always searching for more time in the day. 

Just imagine if you want to change power providers and go the old-fashioned way by looking at each providers’ websites seperately. Soon you’ll find yourself trawling endlessly through pages of information, getting lost in all the detail of different plans. How much time would you waste? 

Comparing using NZ Compare saves you so much time! Simply popping in a few details of what you’re looking for will bring up the best results for your needs. Then you can compare each provider side-by-side. It only takes a matter of minutes! 

Spend more time with your loved ones or enjoying a beach day in the sun! Comparing gives you the gift of time. 

5). Decision-making…fully informed! 

Making a fully informed choice is super important. 

In today’s world with so much information, it can feel overwhelming to make a decision. Often, it feels like you get the short end of the stick when choosing a provider. You might only look for providers that you already know and get enticed into offers that actually leave you worse off. It can cause quite the headache!

But no need to panic! If you simply compare your different options, you’ll soon become much more informed on what different providers truly have to offer. 

Side-by-side you can compare prices, exclusive offers and services for different providers. When all the information is laid out in one place in front of you, it makes it that much easier to make a fully informed decision. 

At the end of the day, comparing gives Kiwis the ability to make an informed choice. You can cut through confusing marketing tactics and gain an understanding of the options available. 

Comparing gives you the power of knowledge. That’s priceless! 

Sounds amazing! Now I want to compare! What do I need to do?!

It’s super simple. Whether you want to compare your broadband, power or financial provider, just head on over to NZ Compare. Go through our quick process to see what options are available to you. Then you’ll be able to compare all the providers available and make an informed choice! 

Not so tech savvy or want to chat about it instead? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Give our friendly customer service team a free call on 0508 226 672. The team will help you go through and compare your options. 

Comparing has never been more quick and straight-forward than with NZ Compare. 

You can even do it between swims at the beach! Now that’s what we call easy as!