Train like an Olympian: 6 At Home Workout Equipment with NZ Compare
Jul 9, 2024

With the Olympics around the corner, it's a great time to get back into some fitness. Here are 6 great at home workout equipment!

The Paris Olympics are right around the corner, officially beginning July 26th. We are going to be watching athletes row in the Seine, and compete beneath the Eiffel Tower. While the athletes will be competing in their games beneath the French summer sun, Kiwis back here in Aotearoa will be watching from a rather crisp winter. If you are feeling like elevating your fitness levels this Olympic season, while still staying in the comfort of your home, so that you can watch the games, be sure to read on to see our list of top 6 at home workout equipment. It is time to train like an Olympian!

1. Treadmill

It’s a classic for a reason. Walking, jogging, running. A treadmill can be used for varying levels of fitness and mobility. You can position the treadmill in front of the TV, so that you can tune into the Olympic Games while you move one foot in front of the other.

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2. Aerobic Stepper

Aerobic studio steppers are a great way to get that heart pumping and your body moving. You can follow an array of YouTube step classes from your living room. They can easily store away, tucked into a corner or a closet. 

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3. Rower

Row with the professionals down the River Seine! Rowing a powerful full body workout that trains several muscle groups including your legs, arms, and abdominals. It’s a heart racer! This awesome workout can be done at home, and set up so you can watch the Olympics as you row. 

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4. Exercise Bike

An exercise bike is a great way to move your body at home. You can challenge yourself with longer or faster cycles each time to build stamina and lung health. You’ll also build muscle! It’s another workout you can do alongside the Olympians!

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5. Medicine Balls

Weighted medicine balls are a great way to train various muscle groups. You can get them in a range of weights to suit your level and perform a variety of exercises. 

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6. Barbell and Weights

Another classic. A barbell and weights can be used for various exercises such as squats, Romanian deadlifts, chest presses. They’re a great way to build strength and muscle over time, and can be done alongside the Olympians if you have the space. 

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