Use FoodMe to save on your grocery bills!
Jun 16, 2022

FoodMe + new government measures = major savings for Kiwis!!

A trip to the supermarket is starting to feel like a very expensive outing! For many Kiwis, it seemed like there was no end in sight to these rising grocery prices. Luckily, consumers can now relax thanks to two things… FoodMe and some new government measures! 

Kiwis can start saving money on their weekly shop with FoodMe, a grocery comparison website. Plus, the government has just announced some significant measures that they are taking to make sure that Kiwis are getting a fair deal at the checkout. 

Read on to find out how FoodMe will save you heaps on your grocery bill and what changes the government has in store for supermarkets! 

Food prices are rising.

A lot of Kiwis will notice that they’re paying quite a bit more at the checkout. These growing food prices are a result of the problems within the New Zealand supermarket industry. 

The current problems are a lack of competition between supermarket chains and a lack of innovation and investment by suppliers due to the dominance of Woolworths NZ [Countdown, SuperValue and Fresh Choice] and Foodstuffs [New World, PAK’nSAVE and more]. This in turn has resulted in new retailers struggling to expand their business. 

So with a major lack of competition, less choice on the shelves and new retailers unable to enter the scene, this has meant food prices have risen swiftly. 

The Government steps in.

Luckily though, the Government has recently announced that they are stepping in to help push costs down for consumers. 

Back in March, the Commerce Commission released their recommendations to the Government on what needed to be changed in the supermarket industry. Many people didn’t believe that these recommendations were going to actually solve the issues so Consumer NZ launched a petition calling on the government to do more for Kiwis. This petition gained nearly 80,000 signatures. 

In response, the Government has declared new measures including setting up a wholesale access regime so that newer retailers are treated fairly AND setting up a grocery regulator to review the industry every year. Further actions to promote competition will be taken like creating a standardised unit pricing system to make comparing products easier for consumers as well as possible retail divestment resulting in some supermarkets having to sell stores to make way for new retailers.  

A massive win for Kiwis! 

The government’s new measures are fantastic news for Kiwis! These measures should directly result in competition being increased in the industry and therefore pushing the prices down. 

Easing the stronghold that the two major supermarket chains have on the industry could see new retailers coming into the picture, giving Kiwis more choice on where they can shop.

At the end of the day, the more competition, product choice and regulation in the supermarket industry, the better it will be for consumers.

We can’t wait to see food prices come down! It’ll be a welcome relief in these difficult times. 

Don’t wait around, use FoodMe!

While these new government measures are great, it’s still uncertain how long it’ll take for these changes to actually be implemented. 

So if you want to start saving now on your grocery bill…you have to use FoodMe!

FoodMe is a grocery comparison website where you can compare the prices of different grocery items from various stores in your area. 

By comparing prices, you’ll see where you can get the best deals and save heaps of money!! 

Why waste your time and energy by going to different supermarkets to try and find the best prices? With FoodMe, all you have to do is search up the item and you’ll be shown which store has the cheapest price! It only takes seconds to find great savings on FoodMe!! 

So use FoodMe to find the best grocery deals in the quickest time with no stress! 

FoodMe is getting better every day!

In January, NZ Compare acquired the PriceMe brands which includes FoodMe. We are super stoked to have FoodMe part of the family as we believe strongly in reducing the financial pressures that Kiwis are facing. 

We know that food bills are a major stressor in many Kiwis’ lives. So we are excited to be developing FoodMe so that Kiwis across the motu can find great deals on their groceries! We intend to create strong relationships with various supermarket chains as well as doing a lot of work to improve the customer experience when using FoodMe. 

So now’s a great time to start using FoodMe! Join us as we bring Kiwis the best grocery deals and savings imaginable!  

Great! So how do I use FoodMe?

FoodMe is super easy to use! Just head to the website, enter your postcode and start searching for the items you’re after!

You can see how much each item costs from different supermarkets and add items to your cart to see which store will give you the best savings overall for your whole shopping list! Then you can click on a link that will take you directly to the supermarket of your choice! 

While you’re at it, why not head over to PriceMe to compare appliances, mobile phones, TVs and so much more! PriceMe will help you save even beyond your groceries! 

So don’t wait around for prices to change at the checkout, jump on FoodMe (and PriceMe) to find the best deals and save as much money as you can!!