Dec 8, 2021

Excel Sales join as Sponsors of the Best Energy Innovation Award

The world as we know it has changed a lot in the last couple of decades and the changes have trickled down to the business world. Realm of digital innovations has transformed the way we procure, market, and sell. With all these innovations however, there is one aspect that is paramount and is the lifeline of any business i.e – Sales. It doesn’t matter how good your product is, if you do not have a strong sales strategy, it will limit you to become a market leader. Excel Sales was incorporated in 2017 with pure passion for sales and Innovation for Direct Sales. Recent lockdowns have made people realize the importance of a personal touch in our business dealings. While the future of our modern society could be in a metaverse, people will still long to interact with others, as it is a human need to be social.

The vision of Excel Sales has always been simple: To re-establish the direct sales industry in New Zealand by providing a multitude of high-quality sales services and solutions. With experience from several senior positions in the sales industry, both of our directors found direct sales to be the most effective means of selling when applied correctly. Customers appreciate having traditional face-to-face interactions before investing in any solution. This allows customers to get to know the people behind the product, cultivating a better customer experience. 

Our aspiration is to be the leading sales provider with any organization that we work with. We pride ourselves on consistency and maintaining top sales-performing channels for our partnered clients. We have collaborated with reputable organizations such as the Vocus Group, My Republic, Compass, Energy Club NZ, and many more. Currently, our primary client is Slingshot NZ (Vocus Group).

We raise the bar of sales targets and set new benchmarks for ourselves to accomplish. This has been evident in our successful partnerships and are reflected in our rapid growth, having grown from 6 employees to over 40 in 5 years. During this time, we have invested in advanced technology for territory and sales management. This enables us to provide in-depth market insights for our client’s products. Our best month in record have been adding 920 customers to one of our clients which was over 90% of the targets set. We have acquired 30000+ customers for our client partners in last 5 years making Excel Sales the first choice for customer acquisitions. Out of the total acquisitions, despite the pandemic and restrictions we have acquired 5200+ customers this year alone which is evident of Excel Sales’ ability to perform under any business environment.

In Excel Sales, our values reflect who we are and what we stand for as a company. These values are broken down into 5 key principles:

1. Quality: We strive to provide outstanding direct sales solutions which deliver premium value to our clients. We believe quality is achieved by having the right people. Therefore, we have created a rigorous recruitment process. Once a new member joins our team, they go through a comprehensive 4-week training program. These 4 weeks consist of online learning through a comprehensive LMS pack we’ve built and shadowing our experienced team members. At the end of the 4-weeks, the new members undergo a knowledge test, and an on-the-door observation to better understand where the development areas lay post the induction period. We believe recruiting, developing, and empowering our outstanding team members is the most important part of creating long-term sales success.

2. Teamwork: We believe in having small, tight-knit teams. This allows our management team to successfully support their teams in reaching objectives and strategically utilize resources available. This also provides an opportunity for team managers to allocate time and resources to develop members within their team. This results in greater speed to competency for our team members and creates closer relationships between our team members.  

3. Respect for people: We value our people, our clients, and our customers. At Excel Sales, we prioritize our clients' needs while being customer centric. It is important to bring together shared beliefs and recognise strengths within the team to strive towards a common goal. We do our utmost to deliver quality customer solutions to everyone that we speak to, whilst respecting their time, space, and values. We tailor our communication to engage diverse audiences by making information and our services accessible through establishing cultural competency in our teams. 

4. A will to win: There’s nothing better than a healthy and competitive sales environment. We exhibit a strong will to win in the marketplace and in every aspect of our business. We pride ourselves on performance sales by always have exciting competitions our team members take part in! This means enough is never enough. We love going above and beyond for our clients and customers to deliver the best results and exceed our targets. 

5. Personal accountability: We take ownership for delivering on our commitments and meeting our client’s needs. Everyone within our team understands that they have a role to play that contributes to our end goal.                                                                                                                            

Our goal at Excel Sales is to be a leader in direct sales solutions. We are currently developing our own customized door-to-door Sales software which will take the industry to new heights. The software will incorporate the years of knowledge we have built to allow targeted campaigns, combining our prior knowledge of local data with current trends. This software will lead to greater results, further satisfying the needs of our clients and can easily be connected with our client partners systems for a smoother Sales Operations without compromising the security.

Earlier this year, we created a secondary sale channel, via a call center. This call center is operated from our central office and houses a team of telesales experts. Innovation is essential for growth and expansion. We recognise the diverse needs of our clients and have innovated our practices to reach customers through this extended avenue. Our goal here is to continue growing our call centre division, and to become a leader in phone-based customer experience and solutions.When we were presented with an opportunity to sponsor the “Best Energy Innovation” category we took no time to grab it. Innovation in our industry has been the core foundation of Excel Sales and this award resonates highly with us and we are proud to give this award.

As a business we aim to establish strong foundational relationships with both our clients and customers through credible actions, integrity, and quality services. We are continually looking to enhance our services, develop new strategies and partnerships. We firmly believe, by continuing to empower our team members, and continuously reviewing our processes, we can deliver immense value to all our clients. The customer experience, and ensuring our clients’ needs are met, are at the heart of everything we do. 


If you want Excel Sales to be your Direct Sales partner for launching a new product, or to solidify your market position for your established products, please reach out to us.