We welcome Go Wireless NZ as 2021 NZ COMPARE AWARD Sponsors!
Sep 16, 2021

Set to sponsor the Best Wireless Service Provider Award!

Internet connectivity creates jobs, it’s a fundamental part of how we communicate, and it’s an essential service during disaster recovery. If you look all over New Zealand, the places where people are running businesses right now, it would not be possible without internet connectivity; it is enormous. 

Go Wireless NZ started 15 years ago, in a shed with my wife Allison, packing boxes and rolling out cable on the front lawn to measure it.” explains Dale Roberts, Director of Go Wireless NZ, “We’ve gone from that to having nearly 28 staff.” 

Through their knowledge and partnerships, Go Wireless NZ supports businesses and entrepreneurs with opportunities to grow while helping communities become more connected.

A Go Wireless NZ customer can range from someone out on their farm looking to get a bit of internet connection to one of the top Telcos in New Zealand. Good product knowledge for the clients gives them an educative view to know what they want, going out every day and connecting those last minor endpoints, dotted around New Zealand where the traditional means wouldn’t service that at all.

“Our main goal is to be able to have a product that will fit pretty much anybody’s budget and project size. It can be right from a small integrator all the way up to a large enterprise,” explains Dale. “We’re bridging that digital divide; it’s about bringing connectivity to the people that wouldn’t previously have it.”

Because they love what they do and believe in their products, Go Wireless NZ are prominent on various committees and forums that help drive the industry and support bodies that engage with the IT sector and government. 

“We are always keen to support our customers in any way we can. When we heard about the Broadband NZ Compare Awards, we were very keen to be involved. Many businesses are doing amazing things for the communities of New Zealand because they can, but also as they enjoy helping people,” Dale describes. “Many of these organisations deserve recognition for their work which often goes unnoticed until something goes wrong or the internet slows down. It’s nice to take a moment to observe how much our industry and our customers have achieved over the years for New Zealand as a whole and we take satisfaction in having helped in some way."

Go Wireless NZ’s knowledgeable team are driven by having similar goals in mind, and are very customer-focused. Among the team are certified trainers in globally recognised brands, which allow Go Wireless NZ to provide customers with opportunities to upskill in a supportive, hands-on environment. 

“We are willing to go the extra mile for our customers,” adds Simon Robinson, Sales Technician and Certified Trainer for Go Wireless NZ. “Whether that service is offering certified training courses, or the extra ten or twenty minutes on the phone, assisting our customers in finding the right solution. We take great pride in taking people through a journey from not knowing a particular product line or technology and seeing them grow throughout the training classes we provide. We enjoy seeing them come out the other side with some new useful knowledge, explains Simon.”

At Go Wireless NZ, they are always thinking of new ideas, new ways of doing things and like to be seen as the leaders in the industry. “Everyone is so passionate here, and wanting to know about taking on the latest technology, listening to what the customers want, we like to go above and beyond really,” says Allison Roberts, Accounts Manager and wife of Dale Roberts.

The greatest satisfaction for the team at Go Wireless NZ is discovering how their customers can work smarter and integrate technology into their everyday jobs and lives. “It’s always fun watching someone's face light up when they realise, ‘Wow, I can do this from my phone??’” explains Josh Solomon, IoT and Product Manager for sister company, Scopious IoT Ltd. 

As stockists of over two thousand products across more than sixty vendors (and growing), Go Wireless NZ Ltd strives to be the leading distributor of wireless networking and IoT hardware in New Zealand and the South Pacific region. Their partnership with Streakwave USA opened doors to innovations that otherwise wouldn’t have been available in New Zealand. 

Go Wireless NZ offer a range of options from wireless point-to-point links, 50m to 50km out of the box and choices from 300MHz to 80GHz, 8Kbps right up to 10Gbps full-duplex. These point-to-point solutions allow for communication methods such as VoIPVideo Surveillance, Access Points and Networking Hardware to build Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.  

“I feel very satisfied thinking that the equipment we supplied from the earlier days, when no one else was bringing it into New Zealand, has resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars to the New Zealand economy,” Dale confides.

“We know what we’re doing; we’re here to empower you to know what you’re doing as well,” adds Simon.

“We offer great support, and we stand behind every product we sell,” concludes Josh. “You can pop in, order online; if you have an issue with something wireless or IoT, give us a call, we’ll be able to help you.”