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Jan 13, 2022

Tuatahi First Fibre are proud sponsors of the Best Bundle Plan Award

Tuatahi First Fibre (previously Ultrafast Fibre Limited) is a local fibre company established in 2010 and owned by First Sentier Investors.

We deliver world-class ultra-fast broadband fibre to communities across the Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Taranaki and Whanganui.

We provide wholesale fibre to more than fifty retail service providers, who in turn provide ultra-fast internet products to end user customers including households, schools, businesses and healthcare facilities.

Our rebrand on 1 November to Tuatahi First Fibre signalled an exciting new era for our brand. So much had changed and evolved since we began and we wanted to celebrate all that Ultrafast Fibre was and is by taking a bold, fresh and community-focused stride forward. Our new name celebrates our story so far and embraces where we’re heading. We're proud to be embracing 'tuatahi,' the te reo word for 'first,' in our name to celebrate our position as a local company working at the heart of New Zealand communities.

Our fibre network provides New Zealanders with the fastest, most reliable broadband connection available … and that’s something we’re proud and passionate about!

But we’re about so much more than deploying fibre. We provide access to a world of information through access to the world’s best broadband. We’re building better, brighter more connected communities – driving increased productivity, learning, growth and prosperity.

During COVID-19 we’ve all needed to stay connected more than ever, and a fast internet service has become as crucial as having power and water. It’s now key to connecting New Zealanders with each other and with the rest of the world.

Our vision is to enable more New Zealanders to tap into all the benefits that fibre brings. We believe high-speed internet has enhanced and revolutionised the way Kiwis communicate, work, play, learn and are entertained online.

Innovation is key to how we operate. The status quo is never good enough – we take a bold approach to New Zealand’s digital future with our ultra-fast broadband network.

We’re proud to sponsor the Best Bundled Plan at the 2021 NZ Compare Awards to recognise and celebrate the efforts of all the retail service providers across Aotearoa. We’re seeing exciting and innovative bundled offers that suit the different needs of a diverse range of end users. These packages allow more New Zealanders to tap into all the benefits of fast broadband alongside other services, achieving better value for end customers.

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