Bundle plans at NZ Compare!
Apr 21, 2023

A great way to save money and add convenience to your life!

You’ve definitely seen it. It’s everywhere you go when looking for a new broadband, power, mobile or even financial plan. It can offer you great value and convenience. It can make life much easier too! 

So what is this mysterious thing?!

The bundle plan, of course!!

What is a bundle plan?

A bundle plan is when one provider will offer customers the ability to combine different service plans into one. For instance, say your power company also offers broadband and mobile plans. They will allow you to add broadband and mobile to your current power plan. Now you have one big bundled plan.

Bundles have exploded in popularity since most providers now offer more than one service. They usually have broadband, power, mobile and financial plans available. So, it’s easy to see why they would want to find a way to get customers to use all of their services.

What are the pros?

Massive savings

The biggest incentive to bundle your plans is that you can save bucket loads of cash! When you bundle, you get discounts on your plans. These discounts will vary from anywhere between $5 to $25+ a month. So over the course of the year, you could save hundreds of dollars with that provider! Also, the more plans you bundle, the more discounts you’ll be rewarded.

One bill for everything 

Bundling means that you will only have to keep track of one bill. You’ll only get a single bill every month that details all of your different plans. It’s simple and convenient. Say goodbye to dealing with multiple providers.

Freebies galore

Providers will often chuck in promotions or freebies for bundle plans. So not only could you get a cheaper plan, you could also be walking home with a brand new TV, hundreds of dollars worth of credit, or streaming service subscriptions.

You only have to deal with one provider

With a bundle plan, you can say goodbye to having to interact with multiple providers! You’ll only have to interact with one customer service team, one online account system, and one group of products and services. If you’re a fan of the provider then you’ll have a pleasant experience with your household bills every time.

What are the cons?

You could end up paying more 

The pricing of bundle plans may actually cost you more if you aren’t careful. For example: If you bundle your power and broadband with one provider, they'll often discount your broadband price per month BUT take a look at the electricity pricing you'll be committing to. Sometimes this could be more than what it would be if you took just your power to another provider instead of bundling.

So, it’s important you look at how much the overall cost for your bundle plan will be each month. You may find that shopping around and getting individual plans from different providers actually saves you more money. 

You might have to deal with a terrible provider

Dealing with only one provider can be a nightmare if you don’t like them. Just think about having to deal with poor communication, terrible customer service, and products and services that are hard to use. You’ll start to wish you were with multiple better providers. 

You may have to sacrifice something

While a bundle plan may be cheaper and more convenient, it may not include all the things you want. You may find that there’s no free hours of power or off-peak rates, for example. So, make sure to check thoroughly that the bundle plan will have everything you desire. 


Where do I go to find a bundle plan?

To find the perfect bundle, visit NZ Compare!

NZ Compare is the home of multiple comparison websites that allow you to compare all your household bills. You’ll also be able to compare all the bundles that different providers offer! 

How to use NZ Compare! 

NZ Compare is super easy to use, just follow these simple steps:

  • Jump onto the website.
  • Type in your address.
  • Select some filters that match your preferences.
  • Hit enter!
  • Browse all the different plans available to you & compare them side-by-side.
  • Find one you like and switch!

Alternatively, if you’d rather talk to a friendly human, then give our customer support team a free call on 0508 22 66 72.


Photo Supplied: Image by vectorjuice on Freepik