Winter Wonderland School Holiday Places in NZ with NZ Compare
Jul 8, 2024

Thinking a winter school holiday getaway? Here are some of our favourite destinations! 

New Zealand is truly a playground for adventurers, both from around the world and locally. We are truly blessed with incredible landscapes that boast true natural beauty during all seasons of the year. Winter in Aotearoa is no different. We have plenty of winter wonderland destinations for you and the kids to explore these school holidays, if you seek a getaway. 

Here are our 5 favourite places to visit across the country for a winter wonderland experience. 

1. Queenstown

With its cosy village, woodfire restaurants, and mountainous surroundings, Queenstown is a classic winter wonderland destination for a reason. Flying between those mountains is an unparalleled experience. Queenstown offers skiing, snowboarding, lessons for kids, the famous luge, and a warm and welcoming atmosphere that will attract families with varying interests. 

2. Hamner Springs

Even in the winter, this is a great destination for a winter family holiday. The town is famous for its thermal springs which is a crowd-favourite amongst kids for its various pools, lazy river, slides and waterfalls. There are campsites nearby and the crisp, clear air makes for fiery sunsets. 

3. Rotorua

Rotorua is a thrilling winter destination and perfect for families. There are exciting activities such as zip lining, riding a luge, and sitting in a gondola. The town is famous for its geothermal activity, so the kids can learn about hot springs and geysers. Walk high in the trees and across swinging bridges at the Redwoods Tree Walk. 

4. Mt Ruapehu

Rising from the heart of the North Island, is Mt Ruapehu, a destination for snow, skiing, and adventure. There are plenty of family friendly activities such as exploring hiking trails, going up the mountain to try skiing or snowboarding, or simply playing in the snow. 

5. Arrowtown

Just a stone’s throw away from Queenstown, is a historic gold mining town. The kids can enjoy learning about the town’s history at the museum, and try their luck panning for their own flecks of gold in the frigid river waters. Warm up for lunch at one of the adorable local cafes. This town is a great place to visit for a winter getaway, with stunning scenery!

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