Your Meal Kit Buying Guide
Jun 16, 2022

Everything you need to know about meal kit delivery services in NZ!

Within the last decade, meal kits have exploded in popularity! From My Food Bag to Woop, meal kits have become a staple in many Kiwis' lives, providing them with an easy way to have tasty and nutritious meals every night! 

If you’re looking to join the meal kit craze then you’ve come to the right place! Read on for our comprehensive guide about all the meal kits you can get in Aotearoa!

The main things to consider! 

Meal kits can be a fantastic way to save money, cut down on food waste, add nutrition to your diet and save time on cooking! 

When it comes to choosing the right meal kit delivery service, it all comes down to what’s important for you.

Some key things to consider:

  • How much does it cost? Will it fit into your weekly budget? 

  • How customisable are the meals? Are there vegan, diary free, etc. options? 

  • What’s the ordering and delivery process like? 

  • How easy are the meals to make? Do they take as much time as the instructions say? 

  • Are the meals nutritionally balanced? Are you getting meals that are tasty AND healthy? 

The best way to answer these key considerations is by taking up a free trial with all the meal kit delivery services that you’re interested in! You’ll find out which company is right for you before having to commit to a longer subscription. 

To help you decide who to start a free trial with, we’ve rounded up all the information you need to know about the main meal kit companies in the country! 

My Food Bag

My Food Bag launched in 2013 and ushered in a new era of meal kits, all about giving Kiwis the ability to enjoy fresh, tasty and balanced meals at home that require little effort! My Food Bag features recipes inspired by renowned chef Nadia Lim, uses fresh New Zealand produce, and offers flexibility with no lock-in contracts and the ability to skip deliveries. Their plans are super customisable, with gluten-free, plant-based, gourmet and vegetarian options! In terms of pricing, it sits in the middle at $15.80 per meal. While it’s not the most expensive, it’s still not the cheapest. But they do offer free delivery! 

Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh has made a name for itself across the globe by offering up fresh seasonal meals that are easy to prepare. The key draw is how simple the meals are to make (some take as little as 20 minutes) and how easy the ordering process is thanks to their smartly designed app which allows for a lot of customisation over your plan. Also, Hello Fresh won’t break the bank! It’s our second cheapest option on our list at $11.99 per meal! Unfortunately though, they don’t offer free delivery like most of the other companies.  

Bargain Box

If you’re looking to save your money, then Bargain Box is for you! This delivery service is the cheapest option on our list ($11.50 per meal) so it’s perfect for families or those on a budget. Even though it’s cheap as chips, it still delivers incredibly delicious meals right to your door. Bargain Box has options to feed up to 6 people, uses fresh NZ ingredients and delivers tasty classic Kiwi recipes that even the kids will enjoy! If you’re after fancy gourmet meals then this one might not be your cup of tea. But with the low prices, hearty meals AND free delivery, it’s definitely one that busy families should consider! 


Looking for quick, tasty and gourmet meals delivered right to your door? Then Woop is the one to try! They’re all about crafting exquisite, mouth-watering meals that are easy to put together. Using locally sourced ingredients, they offer meal kits that are well-balanced and healthy. Plus, they make things super flexible- you can change, pause or switch your order at any time! However, they only deliver to a smaller number of areas across the country compared to other companies who deliver to most of Aotearoa. Also, the gourmet recipes do come at a cost. Woop is the most expensive service at $19.87 per meal. But they do offer free delivery!  

Fresh Start

Let’s face it…eating healthy is hard! It requires a lot of time, energy and thinking. But it doesn’t have to be this tough! Just sign up to Fresh Start! Run by My Food Bag, this meal kit delivery service is all about helping you achieve your healthy eating goals. They offer recipes that are lower in gluten, dairy, and use unrefined carbohydrates. They also have vegetarian options, of course! Not only are the meals healthy, they’re also crazy delicious! Fresh Start also offers additional support to customers via nutritional advice and rewards. The one downside is that Fresh Start is on the pricey side at $17.20 per meal. It comes in as the second most expensive option, just behind Woop. However, if you’re keen on getting healthy, this may be the best AND easiest way to start your journey! 


Does preparing and cooking your meal kits sound like too much effort? Then Fed. is the service for you! Fed. offers meals prepared by chefs that you simply heat and eat in 5 minutes or less! They offer heaps of fantastic meals and don’t lock you into a contract offering you greater flexibility. The price is on the higher side at $16.00 per meal but with the convenience that this delivery service brings, it may well justify the price. If you’re one of those super busy people with no time, then this is a great option for you! 


Another fantastic heat and eat option is Made! Created by My Food Bag, Made is a meal kit delivery service that offers customers tasty meals that can be popped in the microwave or oven then eaten straight away. These freshly made meals are perfect for those in a rush. What’s even better is the price! $13.99 per meal! But unfortunately, they don’t offer free delivery. While slightly less gourmet than Fed., Made still offers scrumptious meals at a very good price!  

At the end of the day, the right meal kit delivery service will come down to your personal needs. We recommend trying a bunch out by taking up their fantastic joining deals to see if you like one or not. So dive in now and find out which one is best for you!  Start your meal kit journey today!