The focus of NZ Compare Insights is to “understand New Zealand”, providing our clients with a comprehensive understanding of our audience and your consumers when they are engaged in the decision making process for switching broadband, power, researching financial products or looking for a new mobile phone provider.

NZ Compare in conjunction with Tactix have developed a suite of NZ business information products under the NZ Compare PULSE brand and a unique research panel, Opinion Compare, which offers exclusive access to the NZ Compare audience of Kiwi consumers.

The NZ Compare websites include Broadband Compare, Power Compare and Money Compare and it is these users that contribute to our research. The NZ Compare audience consists of more than 50,000 Kiwis using the sites every month, all of which are deeply engaged in the consideration phase of major purchase decisions.

Through engaging with NZ online shoppers in this consideration phase we are able to extract highly valuable, actionable insights that we then collate and publish in our series of business Information products. Continuously surveying new contacts every month and updating key metrics for comparison and benchmarking studies helps to deliver our clients the information they need to make actionable, consumer driven insights.

Alongside this we operate our exclusive Opinion Compare online panel which gives us the ability to survey thousands of New Zealanders to ensure we stay ahead of their needs, attitudes and motivations.

The highly experienced team of researchers at Tactix have conducted numerous studies over the past few years gaining insights from a wide range of different consumers across the country. We have an active interest in understanding the decision-making processes NZ consumers go through to make purchases and what this ultimately means for businesses in terms of their offerings.

If you want to keep your finger on the PULSE of New Zealand then you need to be talking to the team at NZ Compare Insights.

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