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Broadband Compare is New Zealand’s most comprehensive broadband comparison website. Whether you are looking for the cheapest broadband, the fastest broadband or the best broadband customer service you can compare internet providers in NZ with Broadband Compare to find the best internet provider and broadband plan for your needs.

Did you know that comparing broadband plans is the most effective way to find the best match and save money? Here at Broadband Compare, we are on a mission to help Kiwis find the right broadband plan for their unique needs. We are New Zealand’s most comprehensive broadband comparison website. 

Our user-friendly platform makes it easy to compare broadband plans available to you and make the switch to a better plan within minutes. It is simple to compare:

  1. Jump on the website.

  2. Enter your address.

  3. Select your preferences, such as fast fibre plans, fixed wireless, or cheapest plans

  4. Compare the plans side-by-side. 

  5. Find one you like, and make the switch!

Our extensive and robust database empowers you to compare different broadband plans from 94 different broadband providers in Aotearoa. You can compare powerhouse providers such as 2degrees, One NZ, and Spark, or boutique broadband providers such as Farmside and Starlink.

Broadband Compare is designed for all Kiwis to compare broadband, from the rural households ADSL broadband to VDSL broadband, to bustling family and student households in urban areas of our biggest cities who partake in data-intensive online activities. 

Broadband Compare is designed to help you make a fully informed choice on your broadband plan, so you can make sure that you are getting the most value for money, without receiving more features than necessary and paying more than you need. Why pay more for your broadband when you can find a better deal? With Broadband Compare, you can unlock potential savings that will make a difference in your monthly budget, and help you achieve financial well-being and your financial goals. 

Broadband Compare is also a hub for educational content on all things internet and broadband. Learn more about fibre and hyperfibre – the way of the future, the basics of internet speeds, and how to choose the right speed for your needs, cybersecurity, the benefits of fast internet, tips for working from home and studying productivity

Broadband Compare is a trading name of Global Compare Group Limited, an independently owned business based in Auckland, New Zealand.

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