5 Lazy Activities for a Great Day Off with NZ Compare
Apr 22, 2024

Have a day off work coming up? Here are our favourite lazy day activities for a great reset and refresh!

Sometimes, when a public holiday arrives, we don’t necessarily want to spend it climbing mountains and getting a hundred things done. Being lazy every now and then is important. We need to rest our bodies and minds. It means that we can tackle our productive tasks like work and study with better focus and perform better. 

If you seek a lazy day off work or school, you might want to try these fulfilling activities that require little brain work and labour!

1. Dive into an eBook

Grab your ebook reader, grab your favourite beverage, and curl up in a cosy spot with a blanket. An ebook reader, such as a kindle, is a lightweight device that unlocks thousands of stories and literature. Dive into a story and walk in the shoes of a different character or person. There is truly nothing better than getting comfortable and diving into a new world. 

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2. Stream a Show

Another opportunity to curl up. Grab your snacks, your drinks, and maybe even your partner or friend to watch with, and hit play on your favourite show. Sometimes, our brains need time to just completely unwind and binge-watch a new or loved show.

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3. Compare Bills

Okay, we know what you’re thinking. This doesn’t sound like a lazy activity. But hear us out! NZ Compare makes it way too easy to compare your utility bills in minutes. Simply jump on our website, choose the bill you’d like to compare such as broadband, power, or mobile, enter in your preferences, and compare the plans available to you side-by-side. Make savings even on a lazy day in minutes! You may even be able to stream your favourite show for free when you make the switch to a new broadband plan. Many broadband providers offer joining perks such as a free year subscription to a streaming service. Now you can stream till your heart’s content!

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4. Bake a Treat

Some may not consider this a lazy enough activity, but we think it’s a great way to create a fulfilling day off work for yourself. Grab the flour and sugar, and your trusty mixer, and get creative with whipping up a yummy treat. If you don’t eat them all by the end of the day, you might even have something fun to take to work the next day. 

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5. Try some Arts and Crafts

Paint a canvas, or try some pottery. Get stuck into an adult colouring book, or origami, or even scrapbooking. Jump onto PriceMe to make sure you have all the supplies you need to make that lazy day of crafting as seamless and enjoyable as possible. 

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