Stream the Paris Olympic Games 2024 and Compare Broadband to Save with Broadband Compare
Jul 10, 2024

Be sure to compare your broadband plan with Broadband Compare, so you can enjoy the games and make savings!

The Eiffel Tower is glimmering. The River Seine is teeming with crowds and athletes. There is a buzz in the air and you want to be part of the action from your corner of the world, at home, in Aotearoa. 

You’ll want to be connected to the best internet speeds possible to enjoy smooth, buffer and lag free live streaming! For Kiwis in suburban regions, that means you’ll want to find the best fibre plan available to you. And for rural Kiwi homes, there are plenty of options for you to ensure your streaming experience runs seamlessly. 

The 4 Advantage of Fibre

Starlink Brings Rural Homes More Broadband for Less

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Did you know that you may not be on the best broadband plan available to you? You may be able to get a plan that offers higher speeds for better value for money? Or the same speed you are on currently, for a cheaper price? Here at Broadband Compare, we are all about helping Kiwis make better choices with their hard-earned money and we want all Kiwis to enjoy streaming the Olympics without paying more than necessary. There are many benefits to comparing your broadband plan including saving money and avoiding that pesky loyalty tax. Find a plan that delivers the speeds your unique household needs so that you can stream the Olympics, even if your flatmate is on a video call. 

The Benefits of Comparison

Broadband Compare will help you find the right internet speed for a better price, so you can unlock savings, and kick back and enjoy the games this winter! Stream the Olympic Games Paris 2024 for LESS. 

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