NZ Broadband Sector Report - Broadband Pulse from NZ Compare

Customer research within the NZ Broadband Sector is a time-consuming and costly process. It needs to be done on a regular basis to comprehend and appreciate the motivations and drivers of your consumers for buying and staying with your company, as well as being aware of developing trends to stay ahead of the competition.  Broadband Pulse, a monthly report that helps to answer those important questions:

Within the 32-page Broadband Pulse monthly report, you will find answers to these important questions and many more...

  • Who is shopping around for broadband connections online
  • Consumer motivations to change broadband providers
  • Insights from respondents that changed broadband providers
  • Why respondents didn’t change provider immediately
  • ISP winners and losers in June 2018
  • How long do consumers remain with their broadband provider
  • Features of the most popular plans sold in June 2018
  • An overview of all the plans in the NZ market - how do you stack up?

The Broadband Pulse report helps you to understand the consumer and what they are buying with in-depth analysis in a quick and easy-to-read report allowing you to hone in on the key details important to you and deliver actionable insights to improve customer satisfaction and retention.

With over 35,000 broadband shoppers visiting the Broadband Compare website each month, the Broadband Pulse delivers a thorough breakdown of their decision making and preferences through on-site user behaviour and the monthly Broadband Pulse Consumer questionnaire.

NZ Broadband Sector Report 

Key Highlights:

  • What is important for consumers when they are selecting a broadband connection
  • What drives consumers to switch broadband providers or plans
  • What is the average time period consumers are remaining with broadband providers
  • What were the most popular plans in the previous month
  • What are the current preferred prices and contract lengths
  • What fees are included in plans that people purchased

Broadband Pulse from the team at NZ Compare Insights is a monthly business information report that allows you and your business to keep your finger on the Pulse of the fast-moving New Zealand broadband sector. Read more and buy online here.

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