Alternative Energy Source to Beat Winter Bills: Solar with Power Compare
Jun 19, 2024

Thinking into the future? Consider solar panels to lower your winter power bills long term!

It is no secret that Kiwis are feeling the pinch of rising living costs. Furthermore, energy retailers are increasing their prices to coincide with rising inflation. The good news is that Kiwis still have some control over their monthly expenses. Comparison is one of the most effective ways to unlock potential savings. Here at NZ Compare, we are all about making comparison easy and quick for Kiwis. Our range of platforms makes it simple to compare your different utility bills such as broadband, power, mobile, and other money-related expenses. 

Kiwi Power Providers Are Changing Their Prices

There are also other ways you can reduce your power bill. You can make small changes around your home to reduce the amount of energy you consume. Another way you can reduce your monthly power bill is to consider investing in solar power. 

What is Solar Power? 

Solar power is a renewable source of energy. This means that the energy source is constantly replenished – because the source of energy is our beautiful sun. We can harvest this energy source by installing solar panels. Solar panels can be installed on the roof of your home, and they work by using a process called photovoltaic. This process captures the light from the sun onto the panels, and converts that energy into electricity. The electricity generated can be used to power your home! So you can turn on your lights, connect to the internet, and cook dinner with your air fryer. Thanks to the abundance of sunshine in Aotearoa, solar panels can generate quite a lot of electricity! They work even on cloudy days. 

The Benefits of Solar Power

1. An Investment with Positive Return

Solar power can save you money on your energy bills! Yes, there is the initial cost to get the solar panels installed. Installation can cost $8000 to $10,000 per house. Solar panels are an investment. They can generate enough electricity to cover half of your monthly power bill. In some cases, they can generate enough to cover an entire month’s worth of electricity for your household. Think about how much you can save month-to-month! 

2. Protect the Environment

Did you know that the electricity we use from power suppliers in New Zealand comes from both renewable and non-renewable sources. Non-renewable energy is made by burning fossil fuels such as coal, which releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This can be harmful for the environment. When you invest in solar panels, you are able to use more of a renewable energy source. Solar power is a clean, green energy source that doesn’t harm the environment. 

Understanding Fossil Fuels

3. Lasts a Long Time

Solar panels have a really long life span. They can last between 20 and 30 years! Some can even last up to 40 years. Once installed and up and running, they require very little maintenance, are durable against the elements, and won’t have to be replaced for decades. They are truly an investment that keeps on giving!

4. Protects you in a Power Outage

When your solar panels generate electricity, it can be stored in a battery. This electricity can be used if a storm damages power lines, and causes an outage. Solar panels are a great way to keep your house shining even during a power cut. 

Tips to Prepare for a Power Cut

5. Buy-Back Rates

Solar panels sometimes generate more electricity than you need. In this case, the solar panels will send the excess power back to the grid, and your energy retailer will buy it back, and pay you for it. The price is set per kWh. Solar buy-back is a great way to maximise your investment.

Compare Buy Back Rates

Decided to give solar power a try? Take the time to compare different buy-back rates across New Zealand energy retailers so that you can find the best deal. 

Compare Buy-Back Rates

Compare Power Rates

As we mentioned above, comparison is one of the most effective ways to lower your bills. Jump on Power Compare to compare the different power plans and providers available to you, so that you can make a fully informed decision based on your unique household needs. Comparison is the key to unlocking savings that will make a difference to your budget!

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